Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sponsors Needed

Just doing something to help out here because I said I would. Here's Nan Cassidy from Tunesmith ~


I’m Nan Cassidy, President and CEO ot Tunesmith Media and Entertainment. I was recently named to National Association Of Record Industry Professionals-NARIP's "Best in the Biz" list for 2007 in the category of "Top Radio Promotions Exec".Tunesmith.net is a songwriting site which focuses on serious songwriters trying to get major cuts. We are hosting our 8th annual Tunesmith Event April 3-5, 2008 in Nashville, TN. The event will be held at the Embassy Suites with numerous professionals attending including those from Universal Music Publishing Group, Nashville.

We will be promoting to a large internet audience as well as direct marketing to the large music industry in Nashville. We will also be targeting the captive audience we will have assembled at our multi-tiered event.I am hoping to be able to convince your company to help sponsor this event. We will advertise your product and services to a focused demographic group in a distinct way which I am sure would generate business for your company.

As a sponsor, for example, your company will be advertised on all our media releases and interviews. We will have hyperlinks to your site from our sites. We can pass out samples and information about your company at the event. All emails, flyers, brochures, and mailings would have your company logo and/or contact information.

We can also place your banner up at the event and provide an area to promote your goods and services. You can leave a powerful and lasting impression with attendees and guests.Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity which can benefit all concerned.Sincerely,Nan Cassidy

Tunesmith Sponsorship Opportunity

What You Get

* Title Sponsorship (ex Welcome to 2008 Tunesmith sponsored by WXYZ)

* Name recognition on all Tunesmith 2008 Event internet promotions and marketing materials including local Nashville newspapers, magazines and including the official Tunesmith 2008 Program which will be distributed to all attendees, judges and invited guests in the music industry.

* Advertising items placed in goodie bag given to all attendees, judges and invited guests including CD'S.

* Your company's banner on our message board that recieves over 2 million hits per month for a period of 12 months with guaranteed renewal options with a link back to your website. (We are limiting advertisers on our message board to ONLY Event Sponsors)

* Your company banner provided by you will be displayed during meet and greet, at the Venue down on Broadway during the Thursday night April 3rd event AND the finals on Saturday night April 5th at Code Blue.

Your Investment ....1500.00

(Paid in advance via paypal invoice)

If you're interested in this opportunity for your business email us info@tunesmith.net
We accept agency advertisers.
Nan CassidyPresident/CEO Tunesmith Media and Entertainment
Dennis Management1002 18th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

Saturday, 9 February 2008


For my writing, I'm aiming, at least until I resume my studies in September, to write around 500 words a day. It's not much, but I need to be reasonable about my time management. If I find I can write more, that's only a bonus. Gone back to Kailee. She's about to follow a bunch of villagers who've gone up a mountain after a dangerous bear-type beast, determined to deal with the bear before anyone else loses their life. But things don't always go as planned, do they? Kailee's trip up the mountain is where her story begins. Here she is again, if you'd forgotten how she looks.

I'm about ready to put up my first lyric for critique. Have found a great forum - www.tunesmith.net - and very friendly bunch of people. I hope I can grow into songwriting as I continue to grow with my writing. Btw, Heal the Pain is now titled Feel Like I'm Living Again. (Much better as I think that Bon Jovi had a hit called HTP).

I got the idea for this one from an article I read on the internet: Seven Ways to Get Over an Ex by Caitlin Ascolese - full of practical advice on how to remind yourself how very awful things were so you don't go back to him again. The song was to have a similar title, based on this article, with a hard, unforgiving edge to the lyric. But as I started writing, I found a character who had done all these things -- like writing down hurtful things that had been done and said, and sticking them on post-it notes around the house -- she basically followed all the advice, and it just wasn't making things better.

I've got another three songs I'm working on now, and at some point I'm going to have to record these and put them up at Tunesmith so I can get the songs critiqued as well as the lyrics. Once I've got a few mp3 files together, I'll probably get a myspace or soundclick account and put them up for the world to hear.

Now that's a thought to give me the collywobbles.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Little Torn

So I've deferred my studies until September, when the homeschooling is over. It feels a little strange to have a bit of spare time on my hands. I feel I can indulge in some un-guilty pleasures like reading for myself, or even getting back to my writing. Kailee's been on my mind the last couple of days, and I think I'm ready to go back and see what she's up to.

But before that I have a song to finish. I wrote If I still Love You last week, and am working on Heal the Pain today, to finish this coming week. Well, you know ... my father's done it, my husband's done it, and I've often wondered if I could do it. So having added songwriting to my creative endeavours, I can now spend my spare time feeling torn.

It's a nice feeling, though.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Holding on

I think the last entry I made here was the last time I gave any thought to my writing, let alone anything else creative. A busy summer, followed by a half term homeschooling my youngest, and squeezing my own study in around that and the rest of the family have put paid to any writing time I might normally have. But the homeschooling situation has changed now, and we're doing flexi-schooling - two days at home, three at school, which is much better for my own study, even if I still don't have time to write. All I can do with regard to the creative process right now is make notes and carefully consider deeper themes as I study literature. At least it's something. Haven't heard from Aberrant Dreams re Destination yet. I'll hold on a little longer. The submission guidelines said a five month wait. I think this story was the last submission I made at Critique Circle, and that was back in April. It's autumn now. I'm missing my writing dreadfully.

Friday, 6 July 2007

A litttle rough, but that's about it. I don't know exactly how it would sound, unless someone actually manufactured one. A little similar to the dulcimer, I guess.

It's played on the lap, as there's no neck. Like this...


Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Kailee meez

Heheh. Thanks to Kimber for introducing me to Meez.com. That was fun.

So here's a more light-hearted Kailee than in the picture I drew myself. Clearly she has no idea what lies ahead...

Edited to change from bow & arrow to sword.

Edited again to add - if you want to make you own meez at www.meez.com please quote _Kailee_ when asked who referred you. That way we earn five coinz each.

Digging Deeper - How Literary Criticism Helps

One of the many things I struggle with while crafting a tale is how to find the deeper themes, the message. The point.

So you want to write a story that really moves your readers, and not one that they'll put down, and think, 'so what?'

Well, help is at hand. Visit The Toasted Scimitar, where Ardyth (the Dreaded One) discusses how Literary Criticism can be an invaluable tool in the revision of your work; something that helps you to dig deeper, and unearth those hidden messages you never knew were there. This is a clever, well executed article with a wonderful illustration demonstrating how to find and draw out the deeper themes of your story.

Don't pass this one by. I've added it to my writing resources folder. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Keys to Death

In memory of Claire & Jenny Stoddart, two wonderful girls from Lowestoft who died together with their best friend and two other people in a car crash on 1st July 2006.

Please do not leave your comments here - leave them on the Keys to Death blog where Claire and Jenny's family and friends can see.

So far so good...

My scanner doesn't want to play greyscale games, which is why my sketches have a sepia tone. Here's what I have so far. The outline around the fret board looks rather like the traditional lute, but I haven't found a design I'm happy with yet, despite a myriad of notes - all of which are in the bin. The problem is, while the real Dulcimer has a beautiful sound, I wanted a richer tonal quality, one that would carry further. That means I need to have a deeper and wider body. This lute shape would work for that, but I also have to consider ergonomics. If the instrument is to be played on the lap -- which I wanted -- a wider, guitar shape wouldn't work, and neither would the rounded back of the lute. It looks like I'm going to end up with something very close to the Dulcimer after all.

Still haven't found a name. Any tips on making up names, anyone?